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Indulge Your Senses, Elevate Your Soul,
Discover Tranquility.

"Step into our sanctuary and let our skilled therapist guide you into a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation"

About Us

We are a small brooklyn business established since 1997 ! Our focus is wellness & holistic healing. We offer full spectrum infrared saunas & cold plunge PLUS a range of modalities including massage therapy, reiki, sound healing, neurofeedback, tarot & facials...

Area Infrared Sauna & Spa


Infrared sauna therapy offers a variety of health benefits for our body. The heat generated penetrates deep into tissues, promoting detoxification, improved circulation, and enhanced relaxation.
This form of therapy may alleviate muscle soreness, reduce joint pain, and contribute to weight loss through increased calorie burning. Additionally, infrared saunas are known to boost the immune system, enhance skin health, and even aid in stress reduction.

area sweat  Infrared Sauna Sauna & Spa

Contrast therapy, combining alternating hot and cold treatments, provides unique advantages and this method can accelerate recovery by reducing inflammation, enhancing blood flow, and promoting muscle repair stimulating circulation, facilitating the removal of metabolic waste and promoting overall cardiovascular health.
Together, these therapies offer a holistic approach to wellness, addressing physical recovery, relaxation, and immune system support.

PLUNGE PIC Infrared Sauna Sauna & Spa
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Planted in Park Slope

  • Plants 

  • Plant Care Products

  • Soil & Pots

  • CBD & Delta-9

  • 429 Bergen St
    Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Planted Cafe

  • Vegan. Gluten free. Organic

  • Food / Pastries

  • Coffee / Tea / Kombucha

  • Plants. Soil. Pots 

  • CBD & Delta-9

  • 333 Smith St
    Brooklyn, NY 11231

45 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

(718) 230-7495

  • Instagram


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